Sunday, January 23, 2005

Hilarity abounds!

I love the snow. I think that it's hilarious. I just checked live cameras at major highways in Boston and one of them was just grayish. I didn't know whether it's because there is no visibility due to the blizzard or if the camera wasn't working.

Last night, I could hear countless tires spinning fruitlessly outside of my apartment building. It was hilarious, only because I wasn't the driver. Just a few minutes ago, there was a car that was trying to turn, but the snowdrifts are so high, it's useless. Luckily, some people were willing to help push. It was just funny, watching from my warm room.

But the snow is absolutely beautiful. Maybe it's because I can stay in the whole day (though I was planning on going to the library to get some work done). Maybe it's because I have a warm apartment. But either way, it's really quite amazing out there.

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