Sunday, November 7, 2004

Medical school griping

So, I just have to gripe about medical school.

I hate pharmacology. I was not meant to be a pharmacologist and after my performance on the last exam, I'm convinced that if any of my patients get malaria, they're better off at home than coming to me for a prescription.

I hate neurology. We just started the class on Monday and I'm already beyond confused. I've studied it all weekend (which is a miracle for me, given that I don't study at all unless a test is in sight) and I still don't know anything about neurology.

And I have no life. Yeah, yeah, you may be thinking, "You're in medical school. You're not supposed to have a life." That may be true, but it'd be nice to go out to a cultural event, on a date, or hiking every once in awhile without worrying about how far behind I am in school.

So, that's it for my griping. I'm going to attempt to make it in time for 8 am class tomorrow morning. The odds are 10:1 that I will not make it in time, but I may as well try.