Sunday, November 14, 2004

Bad news

So, I got some bad news today and my response totally took me by surprise. Recently, my parents took in another dog (making the grand total 4 dogs and puppies on the way). However, my brother told me last night that one of the dogs was in the vet hospital because he couldn't move his legs. Turns out that the innocent doggie ate rat poison, on accident, at its previous owner's house (we only had him for one week) and eventually had to be put down last night.

When I called my dad this afternoon, I completely lost it. I started crying and my nose started running. And this is a dog that my parents have had for a week and one that I've never even met! But I think what made me respond so emotionally was the fact that the dog had suffered for a week because of the rat poison he had ingested.

So, a warning to all to make sure you don't have any poison around the house - where pets or children can accidentally ingest it.

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