Thursday, March 11, 2004

spreading myself out

that's what i feel like i'm doing. i'm literally going crazy. i haven't done an ounce of schoolwork at all in the past week and a half, yet i've never stopped going places. first, i'm part of a student body at school, which is organizing a forum for early april. it's literally driving me crazy. wait, i take that back. the chair of the student body is driving me crazy. she comes up with the most absurd ideas and everyone but her thinks she's gone totally nutso. it's amazing.

then, i'm also doing a presentation this saturday on std's for high schoolers. i'm excited that i get to be doing it, but it's so much work, making a powerpoint presentation from scratch on this stuff.

oh, i also just locked myself into a leadership position for the american medical women's association (AMWA) on campus for next year. it shouldn't be too big of a deal, but then again that's what i always say when i decide to take a "small" leadership role.

on the other hand, i'm very happy that i'm doing non-academic stuff in medical school. it's amazing because last semester, though i had a lot of fun, i felt unfulfilled because i wasn't doing anything but medical school. now, i feel as though i'm doing things semi-outside of school. however, i'm sacrificing my sanity and sleep for this. we'll see if it's worth it.

oh, and gala is next week. gala is a medical school formal. yeah, it's like prom, again! so, i'm not all too excited, other than for the fact that i get to get dressed up and such. however, i have yet to find something to wear, after three unsusccessful shopping trips already, i'm about ready to wear a paper bag. that'd be wonderful. i can blame my fashion faux-pas on the loss of my sanity due to medical school stress.

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