Monday, March 22, 2004

something you may not have noticed

i added some sort of site counter on this web site, stealthily and without anyone's knowledge. why i didn't mention it before, i have no idea. it's accessible to anyone, if you are curious. just go down to the way way way bottom of this page and click on the rainbow box. there, you can see how many (or how little) people few this site.

oh, so the reason why i bring this up is because i just noticed that they have a time zone thingy on there. i decided to click on it and there are some odd things happening. first the expected is that a lot of people from the west coast (presumably berkeley and my family) are viewing this blog. however, what's not so expected is that some people, besides myself, view the blog from the east coast. what is even more unexpected is that there are some people who belong to neither one of those coasts that view. even somewhere in the pacific and somewhere in alaska! how amazing. please, if you're one of those people, i'd love to hear from you. i'd like to consider myself intercontinental, like the airline, but with an "inter" in front. totally random, my apologies. or, if you're amused, thank you and i will take a bow.

i'm in california now. enjoying the sun, somewhat because i haven't been outside all day. i've been working on grnat and scholarship applications. if anyone knows how i can get some money for a medical student doing a public health project i'm doing in vietnam this summer in regards to hiv/aids, please please please tell me. short of becoming a subway musician (for which i would somehow manage lose money), i am open to ideas.

off i go. to ride my bike to the high school to drop off my brother's lunch (how wonderful of a sister i am!) and to go to the "village" - a tiny little shopping area in my hometown for those unfamiliar with the wonderful ups and downs of castro valley.

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