Friday, March 19, 2004

random thoughts

when are my blogs not random thoughts? i guess today is just particularly random. i'll go through a run-down of what i've been up to. it's not all too interesting, but hey, you're reading my blog so you're obviously easily entertained. here's my feeble attempt to entertain.

* went to a bead shop yesterday after my physiology exam. i felt as though i needed to do something after realizing that i'm not going to be a cardiologist. so, i went with the intention of making a few earrings. i came out, after spending over $40, with the intention of making enough earrings to arm a small jewelry store. i'm crazy. when do i have the time to make these?!
* went to the boston common yesterday. i took some pictures with my nifty camera and played around with it. i have no idea how to use it, so i'm excited. i'll try and post them up soon. you can always look up my photos .
* went to the museum of fine arts here in boston. who knew that an exhibit of japanese postcards could be so interesting. yeah, that's what i really wanted to see, seriously. i was thoroughly enjoying myself. oh, and then i went to see the "Gaugin in Tahiti" exhibit. i can say that i was thoroughly conflicted going through the exhibit. i guess it's the idea of yet another white man painting pictures of non-white women. maybe it's just my own perverse sense of how weird that is.
* went to a physicians for social responsibility meeting at school. i'm thinking of helping to start a student chapter at the med school. have i gone completely nuts? maybe so. but see, that's why you all love me so. you're all just waiting for me to explode and all my stress will ooze out for everyone to see. people on the street will just say, "see, that's what happens when you go to medical school. you explode and all your stress oozes out."

yeah, those are my random thoughts for today. tonight is the gala. it's a medical school prom-like event. except, i don't have a date. i could have a date. i'm still going out with that guy. much more interest now, but we'll see. i didn't invite him to go to the gala. those who know me already know why - i'm deathly afraid of any kind of commitment. seriously. so, we'll see what happens.

but even more exciting news: it's SPRING BREAK! hehehe. it makes me giddy just thinking about it. i'm headed to california, where the sun shines and the people at the checkout counter are nice (you won't get it until you have some guy at the grocery store give you a dirty look the whole time he's ringing up your groceries).

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