Sunday, December 7, 2003

everything's white!

ok, so there's snow everywhere here, as i'm sure you have all heard. but i think it's wonderful! i'm such a californian in snow. i love it. i suggested "trouncing" around in it to some friends and the other californian in the group just shot me a look saying more than just "you're crazier than a can ful of lima beans in the middle of antarctica."

but really, it's beautiful. i walked home the first night that is snowed around midnight and it was beautiful. the snow was pure white and no one had gone and gotten it all a muddy brown, which it is now. i wish i had my camera with me because it was pure magic. seriously. now i don't know if i'll be saying this a few years down the line, but it was wonderful for the weekend.

it's stopped snowing, so no worries about wind or snow, but it's still freezing cold. but i think i'm adjusting well. i still don't feel like i need to stay inside at all. in fact, i haven't. i went out to lunch today, am at the library, blah blah.

but that's enough. i've gone on too long about it. though i love the snow, i don't think that i'll be too sad when i'm in california for the break. though, i'd like to say that it would be wonderful to have a white christmas.

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