Wednesday, December 3, 2003

ah, nice butt!

i went to the nutcracker today and i have to say, some of those dancers had the most awesome bodies i have seen in quite awhile. granted, the only bodies i see are medical students in winter coats (and even then, i can't say that they're hot). but gosh, there was a dancer who had a butt that looked like it was made out of rocks. it was cut so much i thought that i could make a plaster cast of it and keep it for anatomy to learn all the butt muscles.

sorry, had to rant about nice bodies. talking about bodies, i feel like mine is falling apart. 5 hours of sleep too many nights in a row is bad. well, until i realize that this is my life for the next 40 years.

oh, and kerry, my friend from california here at tufts, made an astute observation as we were walking to get dinner. "god, even mud can freeze. it's damn cold in boston."

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