Wednesday, December 10, 2003

everything's brown!

so, after the snow settles, people start stepping in it, and it gets brown and mucky. quite disappointing if you ask me, but i'm sure you're not asking me.

finals are coming up and i'm freaking out. i need to pass all my classes (duh!), but i want to honor one of them. we'll see if i can do it. we'll see how much sleep i'm willing to sacrifice to do it. i haven't been getting a lot of sleep lately, and i think that it shows. what i want for christmas: sleep.

for my public health program, we had a holiday gathering today and collected toys from people. it was nice, as we got lots of toys and people mingled. being public health is fun because you're with a lot of like-minded people who want to make a good difference in this world. you'd be surprised at how many people in med school don't... well, to be more correct, who aren't interested in the larger aspects of healthcare and disparities and such. and you'd also be surprised at how many republicans there are in this place! i mean, if you're a republican at 21, i don't want to even see what will happen in another 21 years.

well, enough about that. off to watch tv and try and accomplish some work (though you'd think that's impossible, i beg to differ).

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