Saturday, November 8, 2003

so, i don't have anything too interesting to say other than that it's freezing here. literally. high today: 40. farenheit. i'm not having fun. well, i'm also not out very much, considering that i have three tests coming up.

what's up with everyone else? i just read and there was just a bombing in saudi arabia. just thinking about how humans are capable of so many good things, that you have to wonder why drives someone to put so much effort to cause so much pain. i think that we forget that in politics. politics is about power, but it's about other people as well. too bad bush seems to forget that.

speaking of bush, he passed the ridiculous partial birth abortion ban. not only is the name deceiving, but his efforts are so misguided. it falls into line with his other stupid policy decisions, like the Mexico City Plan, his "wonderful" contribution to fight international AIDS, and his attempt at "smart logging." sorry, he may be a great texan, a great person, but he is very misguided about the world. or maybe i am. either way, i think that he's wrong and i'm right.

also, i was surprised to hear that Howard Dean, who earlier this week said something very stupid about the Confederate flag, is waiving public funding for his campaign. how is he going to raise money? he's a people's candidate, not a republican. i'm looking forward to this. turns out that kerry and wesley were also thinking of waiving public campaign funds (which come with limitations on how you can spend it). though i think it's nice and all, let's face the truth: democrats aren't as rich as republicans and though i'd hate to admit it, money does win out most of the time.

oh well, enough politics for now. back to biochemistry. anyone know why we care about fatty acid synthesis? what does succinate dehydrogenase do again? what's a cell?! i'm screwed.

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