Sunday, November 30, 2003

i'm famous!

ok, sorry, had to post again. i haven't done an ounce of work since my last posting.

but i was looking up my name on google. everyone does it, but i admit that i do it. and guess what i found out?! that i'm actually semi-published. granted, no one got my permission, but hey, i feel famous!

i wrote a paper with a classmate in my california politics class at uc berkeley about female legislative behavior in the california legislature. we got a 99 on it, so i was rather impressed. little did i know that the institute for governmental studies decided to put our results in their magazine and then the PAWCF decided to publish it in their newsletter! who knew?! i was rather proud of the work and considered continuing it for fun (yes, i'm a nerd), but i never knew it was even that good. funny thing is that the PAWCF cited it as though it was a real, published study that was done by professionals. i don't know why i'm so excited about this.

try it, google yourself. what do you find? also, you can sign up for google alert, which will email you every time someone googles you and what link they click on. i know, it's like stalking yourself, but it's quite interesting.

ok, back to work. on page 4. out of 8-10...

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