Tuesday, November 18, 2003

getting older, faster

is it possible to get older, faster? i feel like that's what i've done in the past month or so. i was talking to someone today and they made me realize that matrix has only been out for two weeks. how weird is that? i thought it came out a month ago, at least. i feel like what i've done in the past week alone could fill two weeks.

on monday night, i felt like a huge burden had been lifted off my shoulders. yeah, i still had a nutrition assignment to do and yeah, still had lots of reading to do, but after taking the final... it felt good. so today, i just cleaned my whole room. it took me the whole night, which is rather surprising because it's about the size of a closet, and considering that i don't actually have a closet, it might as well be. but i can't complain for the price that i'm paying ($435! it's cheaper than sharing a room in berkeley).

so, while cleaning, i organized all the clothes, which in the past week i just threw all over my room. i realized that with my purchase of not one, but TWO, scarves today that i needed a drawer designated for winter wear. in it, i have scarves, gloves, and hats. yeah, i know that i have way too many, even for someone who lives in siberia, but you have to have different scarves for all occasions. i mean, god forbid that you are caught with the same scarf on for two consecutive days! that's almost like changing back into your old socks after you work out and take a shower at the gym. ok, maybe not, but you get the idea.

now, going back to nutrition. it's rather fascinating. not because i find it warrants a totally free-standing class, but because nutrition in general is interesting. i tend to think that i eat well, and my nutrition journal reflects that. i'm deficient in the normal vitamins that females are deficient in (calcium, iron, etc.). however, i'm consuming almost two times the recommended amount of salt. i know that i like my food salty, but i never knew that i used that much. but it's also funny in that i'm uninterested in lowering it because high salt intake has shown no adverse effects on an otherwise healthy individual. if i had high blood pressure (hypertension, in medical-speak. don't worry, that's about all i know in medical-speak), then i'd worry. however, last time i had my blood pressure checked, it was 90/60. yeah, crazy low.

armed with all this new knowledge, my roommates feel as though i'm an "expert." one of them asked me about some supplement that i always hear advertised on the radio. when i told her that there are no real scientific studies done on supplements usually, she had no idea! and this is someone who takes all this weird bacterial stuff in a foil pouch in our fridge and claims that eggs and sausage is good for you in the morning. not that i don't eat eggs and sausage, but i don't claim it's good for me. i claim that i'm eating in moderation, which is different.

oh well, i feel like this was a lecture of some sort. of what sort, i have no idea. it's too late and i need to get my laundry from my gangster-claimed basement. not kidding you. if i showed it to you, you'd freak and tell me to move out of my apt. so i will spare you the graphics and just tell you it's bad.

oh, i just found out that lots more people read this than i thought, including people i don't actually know! hahaha, i feel all warm and fuzzy inside now. leave comments people! i swear, i won't bite! well, maybe nibble, but no bites, i swear.

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