Monday, April 12, 2010

Somewhere out there

For those of you who know me and my habits, you'll know that I love This American Life. Now, this is an old episode, but I was thinking about it a lot in the last few months.  I actually heard this episode last year, but it struck a cord this year, mostly because one of my friends from med school said to me, "Yen, you should listen to last week's episode of This American Life.  I think you'd relate to it."  Now, this is a med school friend that I called to say congratulations on getting engaged and finding that someone out there for you. 

So, alas, I listen to the episode and then start feeling really depressed. 

Basically, here's how it (the first story) goes.  A group of PhD students in Boston, who are girlfriend-less, start thinking about their odds of finding the one.  They start out with the population of Boston and start whittling down the possibilities.  Has to be female.  Has to be between __ and __ years old.  Has a college degree.  And it goes on.  End they end up with very sad odds of finding a girlfriend.  That's not even taking into consideration looks, chemistry, whether they like to wear high heels or sneakers.  But that's not the sad part.  The sad part is when they do the same exercise for one of their professors, a single woman with a PhD... and her odds are nil. 

Seriously, I'm starting to feel like that. That's why I have given up, for the time being.  Don't worry, faithful reader(s).  That doesn't mean I won't have stories (I have a few from the last few months that I've been itching to share). 

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