Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Exciting day!

Besides the recent elections, which I'm totally psyched about (with the exception of Proposition 8 and a few other races), I got to be primary surgeon for the first time today! Not once, not twice, not thrice, but FOUR times. Read that - four times! I can't believe it. It was such a thrill. I never thought that I would really enjoy operating this much but it was so much fun and so thrilling. I got to do three laparoscopic tubal ligations and one cone biopsy (you can google it... but maybe you don't want to google the cone biopsy). By my third tubal, I was an expert and it took all of 12 minutes from start to finish - and I didn't even feel rushed. Though, I did feel the rush of being surgeon afterwards - and I'm still feeling it.

Almost makes up for the fact that I didn't leave the hospital until 9pm today and that I'm on call tomorrow.

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