Friday, August 29, 2008

Staying the straight and narrow

I'm currently on outpatient medicine, which means much much better hours (more like "normal people" hours) and a much easier workload. I see about 10 patients a day, which is unbelievably light considering I would see at least that many, including deliveries, on Labor and Delivery (otherwise known as L&D). However, the work can be a little less than stimulating. Actually, a lot of it is for diabetes or high blood pressure management. I have enough Spanish in me to deal with uncomplicated diabetes and repeatedly say, in my psuedo-Spanish, "Es muy importante para usted chequa sus sucres cada manana porque los doctores cambian sus medicinas por los sucres. Tambien, es muy importante para tener ejercisio una media hora cada dia." Ahh, my wonderful Spanglish. Basically, I just tell them that it's important for them to check their sugars daily and to exercise half an hour a day (boy, only if I listened to my own advice!).
So, yeah, just a demonstration of my wonderful Spanglish skills. It's funny because half of the people completely understand what I'm saying and then the other half look at my like I'm speaking Chinese to them. The ones who do understand then nod their heads and say yes, I promise I will do that, doctor. And then they turn, leave the room, and laugh at the ignorant Asian doctor (or at least that's what I imagine happens). But then, I had one yesterday who said "God bless" as she walked out - which is infinitely better than laughing at me.

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charakan said...

Yes I also feel the same,wishing I could follow the advise I give to my patients,especially about a workout everyday.Have a nice time in Med OP.It is always an exciting place to be.