Friday, August 8, 2008


I never thought that being assigned to read could be so liberating, but boy, does it feel good. For my ultrasound curriculum, we have a lot of reading involved and luckily, I get to do it during the day! Granted, this is the only time that I have for reading that it outside of my normal duties (let's just say that reading when you get home from a 12 or 26 hour shift is nearly impossible). I'm enjoying it, nonetheless. I've got my Weepies and Josh Ritter playing in the background and reading away, at least when I'm not blogging or checking the New York Times.
It's these kinds of days where it's good I don't get Facebook on my work computer because then I would really get no work done. But all of that means that I don't get to check Facebook at all because I have yet to hook up internet at my apartment. Yes, I still live in the dark ages of no internet and no cable TV. However, I do have one of those handy dandy antennae digital converter boxes. Works pretty well if it's not acting up, meaning that it only works when it wants to. However, I don't get NBC, which means no Olympics for me. I just may have to disconnect the box and use a plain old antenna to get the Olympics though. We'll see.

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