Saturday, July 26, 2008

Who ever knew

For the last few weeks, I have lived without TV and internet at home. Never before actually doing it did I think that I could do it. If you think about it, we have become so dependent on technology and stuff to distract us that it's hard to imagine life without some kind of noise or some kind of visual stimulation. However, now that I have lived without these distractions at home for awhile, I realize that my life at home has become much less hectic. Without something to distract me, I have been able to read more than I would (both for work and for pleasure), my place is not an utter mess, and I feel less stupid (yes, I do love TV, but yeah, it can make me feel stupid). All that said, I still have my radio (which is split between NPR and my iPod) and my West Wing DVDs. I will probably change my mind after my West Wing DVDs run out, though (I'm on Season 4, Episode 13 now).

This can also be held as an excuse for my not posting more often.

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Jeff & Tran said...

We really are very dependent on technology in this darn age. We can't go anywhere without some form of technological device to communicate with those around us.