Saturday, July 12, 2008


Today is my first day totally free to spend by myself. The few days that I have had off lately, I have been going home. That's great and all, but that can be tiring as well. So, this weekend, I decided to stay home and do stuff I need to do to feel like a normal person. On my to-do list today (I always have to have a to-do list, even on my days off):
  • Clean my apartment, including a good vacuum. I'm starting to see hairballs that look eerily like tumbleweed balls rolling across my floor.
  • Go shopping - not that I intend to buy anything (other than a digital antenna converter - yes, I have rabbit ears for my tv), but just to go exploring a little.
  • Cook dinner. I cooked yesterday and I will cook again today. Both times, I have enough food to feed a family of 6, but you know, I will be eating leftovers all week. One day earlier this week, I realized that I didn't have anything to eat for dinner and grabbed something to eat from the cafe at work. Gasp!
Having some time to yourself is nice, but I realized that I have a very short list of people I can call to just hang out. Not many people here in the South Bay and those who are here happen to be busy all weekend! And I'm on call tomorrow, so it's not like I can hang out and drink all night tonight. Oh well, a good night in is just as great as a good night out.

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