Wednesday, February 2, 2005

State of the Union

So, the state of our union right now just sucks. We are disliked abroad. We are divisive internally. And we have an idiot as our president.

Here are some excerpts from the speech and my response:
* "Environmentally sound energy alternatives" - Yeah, subsidizing the oil industry, invading countries for oil, and not supporting alternative fuel shows just how much you believe in the environment.
* "Preserving the institution of marriage" - It's funny how he ends this and starts a conversation about "the vulnerable in our society" (i.e. unborn children) without realizing that he could also be talking about gays and lesbians.
* Laura Bush being appointed head of some gang-prevention initiative - Oh, come on. Has she ever "been down with the people"?
* HIV/AIDS - Finally, someone is focusing on the fact that it strikes unevenly in terms of race. However, ignoring the fact that it still spreads through SEX (the big 3-letter bad word).

After this, I could not pay attention. It's funny because he did not mention anything about international collaborations. He did mention the "threat of other nations," but nothing on cooperating with others for common goals. Or at least not for a large extent.

And bringing out an Iraqi and grieving parents of a dead soldier is nice and touchy. But what are his long terms plans for peace in Iraq? How come soldiers are being forced to extend their stay and paid so little for their great sacrifice?

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