Friday, February 4, 2005

Pre-Valentine's Day Rant

I'd like to start off the Valentine's season with a rant about men and women. As I was looking around class today, I realized that most of the men in my class (upwards of 90%) were either married, engaged, or seriously committed to someone. On the other hand, I find that the majority of the women (about 70%) were not any of the above.

Why is this so? I have a theory. Men in medical school are seen as attractive to women. They are seen as having earning potential, intelligence, and are goal-oriented. All are admittedly attractive and I can see that. On the other hand, a woman in medical school is intelligent, but likely she won't let you push her around and likely has an opinion on things. [Side note: the women who are married, engaged, or otherwise committed tend to be more of the docile type, at least at my school.] Granted, these generalizations do not hold true for everyone (hence, generalizations), but that's how I see it.

Someone please prove me wrong. Tell me that either you're not afraid of an intelligent woman that wants to put her personal advancement ahead of baking cookies for classrooms. Then, and only then, will I stop telling people I meet that I'm a public health student and start admitting that I'm a medical student. [I have had guys just stop talking after I tell them I'm in medical school.]


Eric said...

My girlfriend studies advanced computing theory while I sit around at home baking cookies.

Irony's Brother said...

Generally, girls in medical school are NOT attractive. The honest truth is that girls who are good-looking and single don't stay un-attached long enough to go through medical school. Those get scooped up right out of college, or as young professionals.

Besides, why would a guy get hooked up with a girl, for the long term, who is guarenteed to not want to start a family anytime soon, and when she does she will be much older and even LESS attractive? If she doesn't want to have a family, why would you ever get married until she does?

Guys can always date younger, hotter women. Women just get older, and therefore less desireable. If a woman isn't married by age 25, she generally will not have her pick of males. Men, the older, wiser, more monied they get, the more desirable they are and the higher quality female they can land.

It's feminism's great curse, you got the liberty to do and be anything, now you are shackled with the responsibility of facing all the consequences that come with it.