Saturday, April 17, 2004

i hurt

so, yesterday was not a good day for me. various reasons. i will go down the list one by one and you can decide for yourself which is the worsest (yeah, i know it's not a word, but it's allowable given my current mental state).
1. i found out that my wallet was either lost then abused or stolen. i'm so pissed. last time i knew i had it was lunch on thursday and when i tried to buy lunch on friday, no money. luckily, a friend was with me and loaned me some cash for the day. at first, i thought that i had misplaced it in my room or something, but no such luck. when i called my banks today, one of them said that someone tried to get money from an atm using my card on thursday night, so it was officially abused. luckily, no charges on my credit card and no withdrawals from the bank. however, i had to cancel all my credit cards and check cards. to make it worse, my drivers license was in it and the rmv (registry of motor vehicles here on the right coast) doesn't open until tuesday. oh, to top it off, i just mailed my passport to my parents for my visa to visit vietnam this summer so i'm officially without any form of id other than one saying i'm a lowly medical student. also, to make it even worse (worser?), my social security card was in my wallet so i also had to put a fraud alert on my credit. this has totally spiraled out of control. i'm out of control.

2. i went to practice basketball yesterday afternoon because my team wanted to practice. oh, it was horrible. no one showed up. so, upset and not wanting to work out, i tried "athlete's yoga" at the gym. granted, i'm out of shape. granted, i have only taken one yoga class. granted, i have bad knees and should probably not do yoga. however, all of that did not deter me. i nearly fell asleep near the end of yoga class and this morning woke up with every joint in my body aching. i dont' know whether it's a good ache or a bad ache, but it's an ache nevertheless. i can't even lift a cup without it hurting. i'm such a sad, sad person. (good news, though, is that my basketball team won the championships today. though i can't say that i helped much, i can say that i'm a winner!)

3. i still have not found a roommate. i found a great place, across the street from school (you have no idea how lucky i was!) and no roommate. argh.

oh, but good news is that i got a $1400 scholarship for my upcoming work and travel to Vietnam. considering that i'm spending nearly $1100 on the airplane ticket, this money is very very welcome. for those of you who don't know, i'm enrolled in a masters in public health program at tufts (in addition to my medical program) and will be going to vietnam this summer to work in hiv behavior and attitudes research with ucsf. i'll be there for almost 10 weeks, so i'm beyond excited as it will be a very interesting experience. in addition, i will be travelling to thailand to (hopefully?) attend the international aids conference in bangkok. this summer will be amazing. if anyone knows of anyone who would like to donate to the "yenniet helping the world fund," please forward them my way. anything would help.

ok, that's it. long entry. but it's been awhile.

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