Monday, April 19, 2004

boston marathon!

today was the boston marathon. today was also 100 degrees. it was not a good sight. for my first boston marathon, i volunteered in the medical tent because, as a medical student, i can do so much in terms of medical treatment (yeah, sense the sarcasm). really, i was just talking to people and getting water and stuff.

i met some very cool people. i met the dean of the medical school at university of utah. he was so nice and sincere, though in so much pain. i'm sure he was just thinking, 'damn boston medical student. can't she just leave me alone to wallow in my own pain and suffering without losing my dignity?' well, no such luck.

another cool guy was a sport psychiatrist. i never knew they existed. oh, and i never knew that they would be useful until i saw him speaking to this woman with the world's most intense leg cramps. she flailed around like nothing else and he held her head, talked to her, and it was amazing. i have a newfound respect for sport psychiatrists. or at least this one.

but the medical tent was so intense. it was full of sick, wailing people and people getting everything for them to relieve their pain. it was really cool watching field medicine because all we had was water, gatorade, chips, IVs, and primitive lab set up (which was amazing).

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