Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Boston, here I am! Ahh... the humidity, the strange streets, and crooked sidewalks! Gotta love this city.

But really, I'm having an awesome time. It was a little anxiety-ridden the night before my first day, but I figured it was normal (though this did not comfort me much). Lately, I've been to two days of orientation, on my third, and have two more days after today. I've met some awesome people... and 4 (FOUR!!) people from Cal (all coincidentally graduated in 2001).

Oh, my place is NOT a dump, as many of my friends had warned me it would be. It is dirty, but nothing that a little elbow grease won't get rid of. Neighborhood's funky, like Berkeley a little bit, but more slumming than that (can you believe it??). But in general, awesome people.

Story: Boston has a bunch of alleyways and such... easy to get lost. So, as another first-year and I are headed to go to a bar last night, we look at the map and follow our instincts. Well, we were wrong and promptly told, when we asked for directions, that we are "definitely headed in the wrong direction." After asking for directions 3 times (a guy who worked at a shoe store, a businessman, and a police officer), at three different intersections, we safely made it to our destination. In all, took us about 20 minutes, when it was really only about 7 minutes, if you knew the way.

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