Monday, July 4, 2005

I'm back

My vacation started with learning that I have a torn medial meniscus in my knee requiring surgery and ended with getting sick on the plane and taking a full day to recover. Now, I am fine and just glad to not be on a plane, bus, car, boat, or any other form of transportation.

Now, what happened in between?

* Tried to get knee surgery in California, unsuccessfully.
* Tried to get to Cancun, unsuccessfully at first. After a full 12 hours of wrangling with Mexicana Air (NEVER fly them), we get a ticket to Cancun.
* Cancun was absolutely horrendous - tropical rainstorm, hot, humid, dirty, nasty hotel food, going to a nightclub with my parents.
* Get sick on the plane getting back to Boston from Oakland.

Really, I don't know if anything went completely right this break, other than being able to see old friends. Now, I think I need a break from my vacation. Good thing I have knee surgery on Wednesday, technically the first day of my surgery rotations.

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