Sunday, April 17, 2005

Perpetual singlehood versus marriage

So, I've had to confront my views on relationships and marriage lately because of several things. First, I run into several friends of my ex who insist on speaking about him to me. Does no one know anything? Isn't there an unspoken rule that if you are a friend of someone and you run into their ex, you don't mention that someone? If there isn't one, I feel like there should be.
Secondly, I had to confront the possibility that maybe marriage wouldn't be so bad. No, not marriage to the ex and no, I'm not thinking of getting married anytime in the near future. And yes, I am still enjoying being single. Rather, I met a patient in the hospital who had the most caring and wonderful husband by her side through her whole ordeal in the hospital and with health problems. Their interaction and their adoration of one another made me jealous. I don't care for marriage when I see weddings or when I see people holding hands. It's the real stuff that matters. When you are down, who is there to pick you up?
So, I guess I had to confront my past, in a way, and realize that my future can hold anything. Even marriage.

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Irony's Brother said...

Here is my question:

Why would anyone get married who isn't going to start having kids?

Other than the debate-able tax benefit, there is no reason to marry anothre person unless you plan to start having children immediately. Well, at least if you are a guy.