Monday, August 2, 2004

ironic liberties

so, i've gotten into the habit of switching between bbc news and cnn in the mornings. today, all they could talk about was: the new orange alert for financial institutions, the statue of liberty opening up for the first time since september 11, and the church bombings in iraq.

for those of you who are unaware, i dislike bush. i wouldn't really say hate because it's such a strong word, but it's as close to hate as you can get without saying it. in terms of my political leanings, i'm close to being bleeding heart liberal. on most issues, i can see and will listen to logical arguments on both sides. however, there are two issues on which i cannot ever compromise my opinion: a woman's right to choose and civil liberties. these two things are the ones that i feel bush has attacked most in his term as president. the first, he has attacked on numerous accounts, especially in terms of foreign aid. on the second, he claims to have preserved while making sneaky moves behind the scenes to deny some people the liberties that all deserve.

it's ironic that on the day before the statue of liberty is opening up to the public again that tom ridge steps up to the podium to say that we are now orange instead of perpetually yellow. it's ironic that as we say we are fighting for the liberties and freedom of the iraqis, liberties and freedoms of americans are being taken away. it's ironic that a president that was never properly elected is trying to establish a legitimate democracy in afghanistan and iraq. it's ironic that bush did not seek international approval when engaging in war but now seeks it to legitimize iraq's new government.

after watching the democratic national convention (see my other blog for details on that adventure), i am sincerely keeping my fingers cross that kerry and edwards has what it takes. just a few more months.

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