Thursday, May 27, 2004


so, this is a delayed blog about travelling. in the span of four days this past week, i had been on a plane, van, boat, car, and train. it's amazing. i'm still amazed at modern travel.

here was my travel itinerary:
plane from boston to long beach airport
van from long beach airport to long beach boat terminal
boat from long beach to catalina island, and back
car around long beach
train from irvine to oakland

i have to admit that after all that travelling, it's been good to sit at home and do nothing. plus, the boat ride was not fun as it was very rocky and i was very sick. also, the fact that i had to lug around all of my stuff for the entire summer with me the whole time was definitely not fun.

but if you want to see pictures of the train ride, click here. disclaimer: some are blurry and lots of just pictures, but take them as you'd like.

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{also, note my use of "travelling" instead of "traveling." i swear, i should be british.}

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