Wednesday, February 4, 2004

interesting night tonight

so, the full moon makes me a little wild. summary of today:
* ran to surprise a friend in the library. he turned around and the surprise was ruined. but, lo and behold, he had no idea i couldn't stop. effectively ran into him. he then told me to lay off the coffee - that is, if i drank coffee
* took an anatomy exam
* failed an anatomy exam
* went shopping - bought nothing but dinner
* ran into cute dental while shopping. he's hot
* effectively scared all my roommates, especially one last night that witnessed a conniption over tupperware without lids

oh, but i have something significant to post about. as i was on the subway tonight, there were a group of teenagers that were harassing a mentally ill older gentleman. i really was sitting there, watching them harass him. i couldn't do anything (i may be idealistic, but i'm realistic. i realize that i - a short little woman - cannot defend myself against a group of big teenage boys), but i wanted to do something more than just sitting there. i just wish that i could just show everyone that even if you don't like someone or that someone is different, you should respect them. does no one teach teenagers respect? this is not the first time that i have witnessed something like this on the subway. it's a sad, sad world that we live in. it's funny because i never saw it while riding the train in san francisco. maybe it's a matter of culture or geography. maybe it's a matter of age (though i doubt this as i've seen people my age and older acting the same exact way). i don't know. sometimes i just wish i could knock some common sense into people. [i apologize for this random, incoherent post - i just took a huge exam and cannot think right now.]

sorry, random post. blame it on the full moon. blame it all on the full moon. i tend to go a bit crazy. well, a bit crazier.

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